From California to Cambodia

At SALT, we are passionate about designing fashion accessories you will love. When you buy a SALT bag, you are not only getting an excellent quality product, you are also taking a stand against the greatest injustice of our time – modern day slavery.

Our manufacturing partners are the reason for our existence. SALT emerged out of a relationship with our founding partner, Restore Cambodia. We became connected with Restore Cambodia over the course of the last three years as  co-founder, Betty Sullivan, traveled to Phnom Penh Cambodia. Betty conducts leadership training for women from the provinces of Cambodia so that they can understand their worth and potential in society and spread these messages to others.

Partnership with Factory

In her travels to Cambodia, Betty worked in partnership with Bora Nao, pastor of Living Faith Community Church and owner of a factory called Restore Cambodia. The mission of Restore Cambodia is to ensure that poor people in Cambodia do not end up in human trafficking or oppression for life. In order to stop human trafficking you have to confront the root of the problem – poverty. Restore Cambodia hires individuals who are impoverished, disabled, or otherwise at risk of or rescued from oppressive situations. Instead, they now have a sustainable job with positive working conditions – they have self worth, hope and a future.
Restore Cambodia

Preventing Human Trafficking

Touched by the impact and potential that Restore Cambodia offers, Betty shared the bags and the stories of those who make them with her church in Southern California, Lifesong Christian Communities. A team of four founding members came together, and after much research and discussion, SALT emerged. SALT is a non-profit with the vision to develop a sustainable fashion brand that facilitates freedom from oppression. Our designs and marketing efforts increase demand for the bags which, in turn, creates more jobs for our partners, and prevents human trafficking – with your purchases we are Saving A Life Together!

Meet Our Team

Marcie Aschbrenner
Marcie AschbrennerMarketing Director
Marcie is a marketing strategist with a track record of helping to turn visionary ideas into reality. Her skills include market research, brand development, communications, and web content management.
Bethany Picone
Bethany PiconeCreative Director and Designer
Bethany is a gifted artist whose skills span from the fine arts, to graphic and web design. She is an Art Teacher and a candidate for her Master of Fine Arts degree. Her sense of style and artistic vision make her designs for SALT current and unique.
Lori McClaury
Lori McClauryFinancial Director
Lori is an expert in finance and accounting. Her experience with non-profits provides knowledge of the legal and financial aspects of managing a new business. She has a heart for serving the poor and is excited to see lives changed through SALT.
Betty Sullivan
Betty SullivanRelationship Director
Betty is a passionate advocate for oppressed women around the globe.She has made numerous trips to Cambodia to conduct leadership training and has a strong relationship with our partner, Restore Cambodia. This connection was the inspiration for SALT.